my mum called me trash today

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  "Amazing w ow"

ah thank you anon!!! 

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holy wow like what what amazing amazing wow wowowowow

eeeeeee thank you i’m not sure if i should use this sort of thing in the final piece but thank you so much!!!!

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hiya these are few things i did in college today while playing around on photoshop and i was just wondering if i could get some feedback on them? THANKS

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having another poster signing marathon with @amazingphil! yay i can’t feel my hands

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  • Name: india
  • Age: 17 (18 in a month oh god)
  • Height: 5’2
  • Weight: does it matter
  • Relationship status: lol
  • Birthday: nov 17th
  • Favorite color: blue i don’t know
  • Favorite bands: bastille, arctic monkeys (+5sos/1d)
  • Last song listened: back to black - amy winehouse
  • Favorite movie: submarine
  • Last movie watched: edge of tomorrow
  • Favorite book: i don’t know i heart series?
  • Last book read: what a girl wants - lindsey kelk
  • # of pets: 1 cat aka love of my life
  • Best school subject: lol dt i guess
  • Mac or PC? mac
  • Cell phone type: iphone 4
  • Current shirt color: a white barclays top reppin barclays
  • Gamer? nope 
  • Day or night? evening
  • Summer or winter? winter 
  • Most-visited website? youtube or twitter probs
  • Celebrity crush:  luke hemmings :’(
  • Biggest turn on: nice/funny and not a complete prick
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a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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